Don’t slouch …

So, Generation X, are you sitting comfortably?  You at the back?  Yes, you.  Don’t slouch. 

Well then, I shall begin.  Once upon a time there was a writer.  No, no, not that one. 

There was that one teacher in school, probably older than your mum, who constantly reminded you that you’d not be carrying a calculator around in your pocket when you grew up. Who’d want to? 

And the price of batteries.

Well, we showed her, didn’t we?  And that wonderful sound bite in Ghostbusters from Egon Spengler “Print is dead”?  And, as you read this on your tablet or mobile, that doesn’t entirely ring true either, does it?

Truth is I think you’d struggle to think of any period where consumption of the written word was higher?  You remember back in 2004 when you sent an SMS you counted the characters?  (My Generation Z daughter queries why I add a line break at the end of a text … the secret is … just because I can.)

I can Viber a school friend in Australia, Skype my boss in Blackpool, have a group chat with my colleagues and plan dinner with my husband.  Without speaking a word.  Now there’s risks in this. 

Not least confusion, popcorn brain and chronic social isolation.

This device in your hand is a rallying cry.

What for?  We’re not at war.  (Errors and omission excepted.  Not at the time of writing.)

Sorry.   Yes, we are.

As a minimum we’re on mission to win hearts and minds.  To draw customers to our businesses and supporters to our causes.  These words here.  Each one of them is a lure, a magnet and a sugar lump.

Each time you write online, write an email to a customer you are lighting the campfire and telling a story.  It is that simple.

Welcome to my local.  Here at the cross section between March Avenue and April Highway there’s a café.  Do come in and let me take your order?  While you’re here tell me your story.  And I’ll tell you what you’ve got is unique.  And there lies my purpose as a writer – to make your story engaging to your readers. 

Whoever they might be, whatever your business.

Now, when the Dragon got hungry …

Published by Rebecca Sowray

Living the ordinary dream. Words and music. Keeping the faith in all things local.

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