I sat outside one evening, with a group of writer friends.  We discussed many things, large and small.  But far from the least of it was what influences us and our writing.  So here, in no discernible order, are some of the people that I return to, as inspiration, when I’m writing.  Some of them are doors or trap-doors out of those time-spaces where I’m stuck as a writer.  Others are friends or writers or other artists I admire. Some are all of that.

This list isn’t something I’m going to finish; I’ll add to it from time to time as memory serves.

Douglas Coupland, Douglas Adams, Kevin MacNeil, Jonathan Taylor, Jeanette Winterston, Karen Wheatley, Caroline Hawkridge, Tom Ireland, Ahmed Masoud, Eli Davies, Petal Felix, Andrew Southern, Clare Carlin, Liz Natzuki Watson, Shahla Haque, Ann Maclaren, Mary Edward, Chris Atherton, Philip Tagney, Tom Carver, Colin Mackay, Jean Page, Lee Howell, Dan Schott, Laura Duncalf, Stephen Dixon, Clare ‘Fluff’ Smith, John Young, David Dower, Rory Kerr, Cheyenne Roscoe, Rob Scott, Headsticks, Chris Jones, Dean Harkness, Kevin Brackenbury, Steve Pottinger, Richard Southern, Martyn Smith, John McGlough, Johnny Stringer, James Davies, Steve Bell, Anton Rowenski, Paul Leach, Mick Price, Frank Mahon, Barry Eaton, Jon Wheeler, Gladstone’s Library, Stephen Tudor, Helen Armstrong, Adam Walton, Andy Tabberer, Mark Williams,  Luke Moore, Steph Brocken, Gary Brookes, Kate Anderson, Lynda Williams, John Holt, Phil Taylor, Amy Marsden, Catherine O’Brien.

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