Life Goes On

Here’s a quick thing I wrote for Hour of Writes, the weekly timed writing competition.  Worked out a sight darker than I’d imagined. “Life goes on” My heart still beats. Nothing musical mind, but the panic stricken thrum of machinery pushed past all tolerance. It’s the pulse of childhood’s nightmares, the unacceptable vertigo of failed […]

Untitled – a short story

If there wasn’t any time, then it wasn’t for want of waiting. Waiting first for his alarm clock, the bell that never sounded because the power was cut. They hadn’t thought of that in their disaster planning had they? That a first alert in that early light would bring the panic of over sleep, the […]

“Keep the Faith” – a short story, less than 1000 words.

School Report. May 2012 Head teacher’s comments Sara is clearly ready for the world of work. Her exam results should show, as we have long suspected, that when offered challenging targets she is capable. A suitable employer will find her energies very useful and a disciplined day would give her focus. Her cello playing will […]